Reshaping the future of data.

OPTX was established to bring real change to the gaming industry. Our team is filled with solution-focused creators that work to advance the data capabilities of our partners. We believe in the power of OPTX and are inspired to continue developing solutions that revolutionize what data can do.




Our Vision

At OPTX, we strive to advance the relationship between data, human behavior, and technology, as each is vital to providing extraordinary guest experiences. We see data as a tool to enable true connections and better guest relationships for companies. And through our innovative work, OPTX will be at the heart of that data intelligence.

Our History

Founded by former casino operators, we know the difficulties that come with inefficiency. So, we built a company filled with creators that seek to innovate and find better ways to work with data and with each other ensuring our own efficiency, as well as the efficiency of our partners. Now, OPTX is an emerging data technology company that solves problems and create better relationships for all that work with us.

Our Team

Everyone at OPTX is family. From our developers to our C-suite, each and every member of our OPTX team works together to find solutions for our business and for each other. At OPTX, we give our employees the opportunity to speak up and have their ideas heard, creating a better environment for collaboration and creation. Simply put, we really love what we do and where we do it.

If you’re interested in creating the future of data technology, we’d love to meet you.