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The OPTX platform is a modern tool that leverages your existing systems to view, analyze and act on your data more efficiently. Using sophisticated data modeling, the OPTX platform enables the insights and recommendations for your players and your property.

Designed to evolve with your data and react to your operations in real time, OPTX enhances best practices and eliminates inefficiency. The OPTX platform helps your property be proactive in engaging with your players and increasing your profits.

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Platform Modules

Player Development

The OPTX Platform contains functionality that increases host team productivity, transparency and accountability through powerful player insights, recommendations and tasks. With OPTX Player Development, you can treat every guest like they are hosted and help your team communicate with your players in the right way at the right time.

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Player Development Features

  • CRM

    Functionality to manage your entire database- treat every player as if they are hosted.

  • Comp Management

    Guidance and tracking to assist teams in making smarter decisions for the business.

  • Dashboard

    A high-level view of daily statistics and imperative data.

  • Reports

    Suite of comprehensive and drillable reports to allow users to dissect data and trends.

  • Tasks

    Real-time tasks ensure your team is speaking to the right guests at the right time.

Player Development AI

Player Development AI enables proactive recommendations for the players in your database. Through advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, OPTX AI identifies the low hanging fruit within the database and auto tasks team members with action. Increasing player loyalty and profitability and reducing player churn.

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Player Development AI Features

Automatically Turn Insights into Action

AI and Machine learning models generate recommendations to contact, incentivize, code or reduce reinvestment on individual players for total database optimization.


The OPTX platform contains functionality that uses multiple dimensions of convoluted data to reveal opportunities on the slot floor – helping revise and report on all slot data.

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Slots Features

  • Dashboard

    A high-level view of daily KPI’s and actionable data.

  • Reports

    A full suite of comprehensive reports to manage the slot floor.

  • Slot Floor Optimization

    Slot floor visualization, optimization tools and machine tracking.

Slots AI

The Slots AI module elevates the analytic power of your property with interactive predictive simulations and advanced machine learning and AI models to make recommendations that optimize the slot floor.

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Slots AI Features

Automatically Turn Insights into Action

AI and Machine learning models generate recommendations to relocate, convert, remove, replace and revise machines for total floor optimization.


The OPTX platform includes functionality designed for marketing teams who are tasked with driving acquisition, revenue, and loyalty for their property. With OPTX Marketing, your data is compiled to provide insights and action for the various areas of the customer life cycle. In addition, OPTX marketing will ensure your campaigns are running at the right time, with the right messaging, to the right people – earning you the right profit.

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Marketing Features

  • Dashboard

    Real-time campaign performance with revenue forecasting and pertinent database statistics on web and mobile.

  • Reporting

    Proactively manage your database through our robust library of marketing reports designed specifically for the gaming industry. Generating and export reporting and player lists for action.

  • Campaign Management

    Plan and create your campaigns from A to Z using OPTX campaign manager.

    Create your audience, pro forma, goals and track performance all within a single platform.

    Manage campaigns in real-time and optimize campaign performance on the fly.

    Quickly evaluate the campaign success with built-in post analytics.

Platform Extensions


The OPTX platform makes communications more convenient. With OPTX CONNECT, team members can engage with players via phone, text, and email directly within the OPTX web and mobile applications.

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  • Connect with your players

    Engage with players by phone, email and/or text. All contacting is tracked and reportable to ensure transparency and accountability.

  • Template your outreach

    Access to phone, email and text templates to make mass contacting effortless. Contact large lists of players in just a few clicks with a personalized message using variable data.

Player Development +

Enhance OPTX Player Development with additional features and functionality designed for multi dimensional goal tracking, hotel tracking and coding management.

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Player Development + Features

  • Complete Management

    Manage the coding and uncoding process for your player development team. Whether you spin codes to your team or require them to request, OPTX is able to execute all coding processes.

  • Hotel Reservations

    View all in-house, incoming, and departing reservations for guests, while receiving notifications for guests arrival and play.

  • Host Incentive Plan Management

    Create, assign, and track dynamic objectives for all areas of the business including contact goals, reservation goals, play goals and coding goals for your team.


The OPTX platform is completely customizable with our Enterprise options. By creating a unique and exclusive account portal, OPTX can be crafted to meet every specific database management need for your property.

Pricing determined upon request.

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OPTX is going to be a transformative tool for our property helping us modernize the way we measure and manage our business. OPTX is a real-time, end-to-end solution that does everything from player engagement to artificial intelligence-based recommendations for our slot floor.
Tim Morrissey
General Manager, Saratoga Casino Black Hawk

I can't say enough about this amazing product. It's going to be the next generation of successful player development for Inn of The Mountain Gods.
Sarah Kazhe
Director of Marketing, Inn of the Mountain Gods

I’m so impressed with the OPTX PD AI tasks, they continue to generate immediate incremental profit for our property.
Javier De La Rosa
General Manager, Spokane Tribe Casino

The OPTX platform will help our team streamline operational efficiency while providing powerful insights and actionable recommendations for our casino floor, players and database. OPTX positions the property for the future while helping us better manage our operations today.
Eric Barbaro
Executive Director of Casino Marketing, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe

I have never witnessed a host team so engaged with a product and using it to the best of their abilities.
Mike Adams
Vice President of Operations, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City

Using the connect feature I was able to select 304 guests, filter out those without email and do not contact flags within 15-20 seconds, saved me 3 to 4 hours of my night.
Logan Lovsmith
Player Development Manager, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City

OPTX is the most disruptive technology in the Brick & Mortar and Online casino marketplace.
Matt Smith
CMO, JACK Entertainment