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Your Property’s Data Has the Answer

Let OPTX find it.

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The Future of Casino Operations

Our solutions ingest and digest your properties internal and external data sources to provide superior operational functionally across multiple casino operations including: Slots, Marketing & Player Development.

Decisions Should Be Easy

OPTX state-of-the-art AI features run through millions of data points, distilling your raw data into clear, actionable insights and recommendations for your slot, marketing, and player development departments.

Time is Money

Maximize your teams’ time by handing over the busy work to a strategic, data-driven platform that covers the bases for you.

Everything You Need to Find That “Aha” Moment

OPTX Is your ultra-modern toolbox; streamline your data sources and splintered tools. Our easy-to-use platform will advance your operations and help team members make confident, informed decisions.

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