A smarter snapshot of your customers.

A clearer overview of your operations.

An actionable platform for your property.

Introducing OPTX

A revolutionary technology platform developed to activate your data. Designed by industry experts, OPTX harnesses the power of your data and provides insights that immediately become reactions. The OPTX platform ingests and simplifies all the information from multiple internal and external data sources so you can take action and generate profitable results for your property. And all within one integrated software solution.





Casino Host

OPTX is Simplicity

Guides your host team through their workday with automated tasks, efficient contact management and real-time decision making.

General Manager

OPTX is Performance

Advance every facet of your casino operations through software and data science using one single platform.

Casino Marketing

OPTX is Proactivity

Get a 360-degree view of your data 24/7 to identify opportunities, insights and actions that need real-time responses using our real-time tracking features.

Slot Team

OPTX is Optimization

OPTX provides an in-depth view of your entire floor, which games are performing, which games are not – helping you make the most out of every dollar spent on your games.

Unite your data.

The OPTX platform supports quick multi-system data gathering and processing, and safely integrates with existing infrastructures and transactional systems.

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Prepare your property.

The OPTX platform allows multiple departments to interface through a single solution, helping streamline operations throughout your property.

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Understand your customers.

The OPTX platform focuses in on every player and better comprehends behaviors, helping you respond to your customers intelligently and communicate with them efficiently.

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