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Product Features
  • Powerful slot floor visualizations and heat-mapping
  • Side-by-side format that allows for easy game performance comparison
  • Real-time web and mobile floor map with rated and unrated play
  • Daily and hourly breakdown of property KPIs
  • Customizable slot dashboard from a library of widgets
  • Slot profile – a 360-degree view of every slot machine
  • Customizable and drillable slot reporting library
  • OPTX tasks for simplifying machine maintenance and changes

Slots AI

Product Features
  • OPTX contains powerful machine insights and can predict inclining and declining games while highlighting insightful game attributes, such as VIP favorites, on-floor visualizations, and from the game profiles
  • See the effect of proposed floor changes before you make them with our AI Slot Swap Feature, and optimize your floor with continuous slot change recommendations, from conversions to swaps to adds and deletes
  • Increase the accuracy of your monthly forecast using OPTX AI revenue forecast and month-end pace analysis

Player Connect

Product Features
  • Place outbound calls to guests and receive incoming calls from guests directly in OPTX
  • Send outgoing text messages to guests and receive incoming texts from guests directly in OPTX
  • Send outgoing emails directly through OPTX
  • Review engagement KPIs through dashboards and reports

Player Development

Product Features
  • Real-time tracking of rated & unrated as well as hosted & unhosted players
  • Coding automation to spin codes and request codes
  • Task automation for single players and lists of players
  • Host and management dashboards and reporting
  • Comp guidance and exception reporting
  • Hotel integration to see arriving, in-house, and departing guests
  • Hosted book access for hosts and managers to autonomously manage their book of business
  • Robust player profile for a 360-degree view of every player in the database

Player Development AI

Product Features
  • Access to player insights to understand a player’s preferences and the strength of those preferences
  • Access to behavior attributes to allow for more personal and profitable campaigns, offers, and events
  • Automated players contact and offer recommendations


Product Features
  • Create, deploy, and evaluate your most complex campaigns directly through OPTX
  • Design multiple communication channels directly through OPTX to link to your individual campaigns for execution
  • Manage events from pro forma to post forma and everything in-between including event RSVP and attendance
  • View a player’s available campaigns and content on their player profile
  • Automate your campaign performance analysis with real-time redemption and profitability metrics
  • Assign and link host contact lists & goals to campaigns
  • Create complex marketing segmentation based on dynamic player metrics and attributes—no SQL skills required
  • Customizable marketing dashboard from a library of widgets
  • Customizable and drillable marketing reporting library

Marketing AI

Product Features
  • Increase the profitability of all your existing campaigns through OPTX AI segmentation optimization
  • Evaluate and segment players based on AI-driven future value
  • Increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy with OPTX campaign recommendations
  • Measure the effectiveness of every AI campaign through reporting and dashboards


Product Features
  • Dispatch events by time, player worth, team member skill set, and more
  • Manage zones automatically and manually assign, reassign, and escalate tasks
  • Track individual status and productivity in real-time with robust team member profile
  • Reports, analytics, and dashboard widgets
  • Robust communication features including real-time notifications, broadcast notifications, and voice messages

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